Trichology is the study and practice concerned with hair and scalp disorders and hair quality issues. In the course of analyzing a scalp of hair condition, we have found that there is often a link to medical conditions.

The complex reasons for hair and scalp problems require an in depth knowledge of your lifestyle and results in the need for questions regarding diet, medical background covering the use of medication (both prescribed and over the counter) and family history. Openness is the key to an accurate diagnosis. All information is kept strictly confidential.

The Eaton Practice believes that the cause of hair and scalp problems can also be linked to the physical and emotional health of the individual and the correct treatments must be individually tailored to these conditions.


Trichology Consultancy

The first visit usually lasts for one hour – during this time a case history is completed and a scalp and microscopic examination will be done. From this a personalized course of treatment will be recommended. No Pressure will be applied and there will be no obligation to commence treatment.


Initial Consultation £85.00
Further visits £40.00